Process Automation

Ingenium Integration ensures customers receive cost savings and the best solution to provide the highest level of automation.

As our customers are constantly looking for ways to improve process and reduce piece part costs we at Ingenium Integration offer a service to conceptualise, advise, evaluate, design and manufacture a solution specifically for them.

There are 4 steps to our consultancy:

  1. We discuss the issue or process and develop a basic concept of partial or full automation. (Free of charge)
  2. Then once our customer is happy to proceed with the concept and budget cost we produce we continue to a full detailed design passing through Partial Design Review, Critical DR and Final DR with the customer.
  3. Once FDR is approved we manage the manufacture, delivery and integration of the system on site.
  4. Lastly we will commission the system until the customer is confident it performs as expected and then be available for after sales support as long as necessary.

Given our diversity of experience we can see your manufacturing process from a wider perspective, allowing us to conceptualise and engineer turnkey solutions to advance the whole production process.

For more information about our automation capabilities please call us on +44(0)161 804 4766 or email