Ingenium Integration Ltd is the first UK company to purchase an integrators licence from Exechon for their 5 axis parallel kinematic machines.

This new generation of machine has been developed from the original TRICEPS design into a machine with the flexibility of a robot but with the accuracy and rigidity of a 5 axis CNC machine.

The machine can be programmed in robotic or full CNC machine mode depending on the application and any number of bespoke end effectors can be designed to take on specific operations such as CNC probing, laser profiling, drilling and milling, surface recognition, riveting, welding, and pick and place assembly.

This ability turns the machine into a single solution for multi-processes. In most cases, this enables a reduction in set ups, machines required and the respective maintenance and tooling that would go with them.

This will be the smallest machine to date and will open opportunities for remote or restricted access machining where working in confined spaces or where man access is not desirable.

Ingenium Integration Ltd forges links with UK Universities, Catapult Centres and Institutes.