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Tower Systems

Nukon’s automated Tower Systems will bring ultimate convenience and high levels of efficiency to your 2D laser-cutting continuous production schedules. Suitable for Nukon 315 and 420 sheet size machines, they provide fully automated loading and unloading, with the added benefit of safely storing your laser-cut components ready for ongoing production processes.


  • Fast, fully automated loading and unloading
  • Suitable for Nukon 315 and 420 sheet size machines
  • Automated pallet change with compact component storage
  • Vacuum loading and ‘finger-lift’ unloading for scratch-free handling
  • A totally modular system that can grow according to need
  • Compact, cost-effective design

For NUKON machines 315 420
Available sheet length 3000 mm 4000 mm
Available sheet width 1500 mm 2000 mm
Min. sheet size for loading-unloading 750 x 750 mm 750 x 750 mm
Carrying capacity of each loading pallet 3000 kg 3000 kg
Max pallet height 180 mm (Al) 180 mm (Al)
Number of pallets 10 pcs. 10 pcs.
Max horizontal travelling speed 12 m/min 12 m/min
Max vertical travelling speed 12 m/min 12 m/min
Tower lift speed 18 m/min 18 m/min
Tower pallet pulling speed 32 m/min 32 m/min

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