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February 14, 2022

BLOG – Switching to a fibre laser is a cost-effective solution

In light of the recent hikes in energy prices across the UK, fibre laser machinery offers a sensible and cost-effective solution.

Bills are expected to rise by over 50% in April, putting businesses, small and large in a battle to survive.

Fibre lasers offer the brightest of lights at the end of the tunnel, with there solid state design giving up to five times more reliability than their CO2 counterparts and an impressively low power consumption to match.

The electrical power efficiency of a fibre laser is up to 50%, while on a CO2, it is only 10%.

And to go with that, the power consumption of a 3kW laser is 15kW including a chiller, in contrast, a CO2 laser could be as high as 250 kW in operation.

This will mean big yearly energy outlays for co2 laser users, along with gas use, maintenance fees and infrastructure costs landing on top. It’s been known for Co2 installations to require an electricity sub station to be erected on site.

Making that big jump is never an easy thing to do, with the outlay for a new laser being a scary thought.

The challenge of finding high-quality laser equipment at a fair price is an ongoing hurdle for every business in the sheet metal and profiling sector.

And there are always concerns about reliable service and support for your machinery, due to equipment being imported and sold by dealers without a base and a technical team.

Not only are we delighted to offer a large range of quality Nukon Laser equipment that will provide solutions to every laser cutting obstacle, but we also have UK-based Factory Trained service teams that are raring to go if your laser problem needs solving.

As well as bringing this piece of mind, these experts can offer training to your staff, installation, and technical support.

Results for our new Ingenium Integration customers and partners will include the increase of processing and production capacity, increase in profits, a competitive edge in the market and dazzling new, efficient equipment.

Contact us now for more information on our partnership with Nukon Laser.

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