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September 15, 2021

Nukon appoints Ingenium Integration as UK & Ireland partners

Ingenium Integration Ltd, the sister company of UK-based tube bending machinery specialists Unison Ltd, has been appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Nukon’s 2D fibre laser, 3D fibre laser and fibre laser tube cutting machines.

“For quite some time we have been looking at extending our product range to include high quality laser-cutting technologies, particularly as we believe they would be of significant interest to owners of tube bending machines from Unison Ltd and other manufacturers,” comments Ingenium Integration sales manager, Steve Haddrell.


“Short of building our own laser cutting machines in-house, our challenge was to find an established product range that mirrored the uncompromising levels of accuracy, reliability, build quality and support that are synonymous with the Unison name.

Nukon Laser machine


“Having researched the marketplace extensively,” he adds, “we believe we have found such a product range from Nukon. Companies buying a Nukon fibre laser cutting system from Ingenium Integration will receive the same high standards of service and aftersales support as if they had bought a British-built Unison tube bending machine.


We are also available to assist any UK or Irish businesses that already own Nukon laser machines.”


The Nukon fibre laser range includes 2D, 3D and laser tube cutting machines.

High-spec standard features include: nLIGHT fibre lasers with adaptive beam optimisation and Lantek Expert software, which is one of the most advanced CAD/CAM nesting software packages on the market today.


Nukon’s 2D fibre laser machines include models designed for first-time laser users and businesses adding value to in-house manufactured products, as well as high-performance machines for demanding flat-bed laser metal cutting requirements in subcontract environments.


The Nukon range of 3D, 5-axis machines has been developed for the most challenging of applications, such as precision-cutting tubes, pipes and intricate profiles in a wide variety of materials, as well as R&D work.


While Nukon laser tube cutting machines include pipe and profile cutting models, as well as ‘Vento Flex’, a highly versatile machine able to cut tubes, pipes, profiles and flat metal sheet.


To assist customers in maximising the productivity and efficiency of their laser-cutting operations, Ingenium Integration also offers Nukon’s range of fully automated loading and unloading solutions.


These include highly space-efficient compact lift solutions with vacuum loading and ‘finger-lift’ unloading, ‘Expert’ models that are able to feed multiple laser cutting machines simultaneously, and easily extended modular tower systems with the added benefit of component storage.


The appointment of Ingenium Integration as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Nukon’s fibre laser machines follows on from the recent launch of a brand-new range of hybrid tube bending machines from tube bending machinery specialists, Unison Ltd.


Called Synergy HBM (hybrid, multi-stack), these new machines are available in 50 mm and 80 mm (maximum tube diameter) versions and have been developed to provide a lower cost entry point for businesses with tube bending requirements that do not typically demand the high levels of flexibility and rapid setup associated with Unison’s industry-leading all-electric ‘Breeze’ tube bending machines.


About Ingenium Integration

The automation arm of the Unison family of companies, Ingenium Integration Ltd creates the automation solutions that help manufacturing businesses of all sizes improve productivity and quality – and save both time and money.


Working in highly regulated sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, nuclear, shipbuilding and oil & gas, Ingenium Integration streamlines production to enable leaner manufacturing.


Depending on customer requirement, the company’s fully automated work cells can include precise tube bending solutions from Unison Ltd, laser cutting technologies from Nukon, sophisticated jigs and fixtures, remote handling, robotised cells with transfer systems, tooling verification with remote diagnostics and automated flow lines.


Helping customers fully benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things, Ingenium Integration develops effective Industry 4.0 strategies, supported by rich data analysis to improve efficiency, productivity and quality.

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